Shoemaker Geox cuts full-year sales outlook, wholesale weighs on Q1 figures

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Shoemaker Geox cuts full-year sales outlook: Following a double-digit drop in first-quarter revenues, mostly caused by difficulty in its wholesale channel, Italian shoemaker Geox reduced its full-year sales growth projection downward on Tuesday. This revision was primarily due to the inflationary pressures that have significantly affected our operational costs.

 Renowned for their waterproof and breathable footwear, the company now expects a revenue decline in the mid-single digits for 2024 compared to the previous year. From its previous prediction of flat sales year-on-year, this signifies a substantial revision.

 With current currency rates, Geox’s consolidated revenues for the January–March quarter were 193.6 million euros ($209.38 million), a significant decrease of 13.5% from the same period previous year.

 As a result of lower-than-expected order intake for the Spring/Summer 2024 assortment, the company’s wholesale channel performance took a sharp nosedive, falling roughly 22% year-on-year.

 Amidst the complexity and volatility in Geox’s core markets, CEO Enrico Mistron has articulated a clear and targeted strategy. This strategy aims to expand the company’s most lucrative business units, instilling confidence in our stakeholders about the future of Geox.

 Despite the challenging market conditions, Geox remains steadfast in its commitment to increase its operating margin by 50 basis points compared to 2023. This commitment, led by CEO Mistron, who assumed office in March, is a testament to our collective determination and focus. We look forward to unveiling a new long-term strategy covering 2025–2027 later this fiscal year.

 Geox’s unwavering determination to successfully navigate the ever-changing business environment is a testament to our resilience. We continue to prioritize profitability and sustainability, even in the face of persistent market difficulties. This steadfastness should instill confidence in our investors about Geox’s ability to weather market storms.

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