Safilo transforms time-limited David Beckham license into forever deal

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Safilo transforms time-limited David Beckham: Thanks to the success of their partnership on David Beckham eyewear, Authentic Brands Group and eyewear behemoth Safilo have signed a “perpetual license agreement.” This new agreement takes the place of the old one, which was supposed to finish in 2030.

Safilo continues to lead the creative design process, manufactures the products, and distributes them globally under the conditions of the extended partnership. The football icon is still at the head of this process.

In 2019, Beckham and Safilo began their cooperation. In 2020, they unveiled the first Eyewear by David Beckham line, which achieved global distribution immediately. An extensive collection of optical frames and sunglasses, marked by superior quality and workmanship, was hand-picked by Beckham in collaboration with Safilo’s design team. The series, known for its high-end pricing points, gets two new collections every year.

An integral part of the collection’s style is the “Talisman,” a unique design feature that represents strength, freedom, and protection and is modeled like a bird’s wings. A delicate DB monogram is laser-etched onto the lens to compliment this theme, which is clearly shown on both the front and side of the eyewear.

As evidence of the lasting impact of David Beckham’s style and influence, Safilo takes great pride in the fact that the Eyewear by David Beckham brand has attracted a loyal fan base around the world.

In a statement he made in early 2024, Safilo CEO Angelo Trocchia voiced his excitement about the renewed cooperation and other developments in the company’s licensed portfolio. A major step toward realizing our long-term goals has been achieved with this most recent agreement.

“By transferring the David Beckham eyewear brand into a perpetual license,” Trocchia stated, “we strengthen its role as a foundational element of our portfolio, reinforcing its reputation as one of the most prosperous eyewear brands in the past few years. We have established a strong digital presence within Safilo’s ecosystem, leveraging David’s expansive global audience, and we have consistently delivered high-quality collections that have propelled Eyewear by David Beckham to the forefront of the global premium segment for men’s eyewear.

As a final point, Trocchia reaffirmed Safilo’s aim to increase the brand’s exposure and international influence, highlighting their mutual desire for the company’s development and success.

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