Rick Owens RTW Spring 2024

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Out. In. Out. BANG! Rick Owens’ models were walking by every eight seconds, their bodies shaped like bowties with wide shoulders and legs and a narrow waist. Owens was wearing a baseball cap with a huge brim and saw that even people with a lot of weight could pull off the look. Every eight seconds, fireworks would go off from one of six tall rigs set up in the pool of the Palais de Tokyo, filling the room with purple and yellow smoke.

Backstage, Owens played it straight from under his cap. He discussed how the world should deal with climate change and natural disasters, and how the amount spent on luxury goods around the world will grow by about 25% by 2025. He questioned why people are scared or happy to be alive after Covid.

This season, Louis Vuitton wasn’t the only brand to get lucky with the weather. The rain stopped just before the outdoor show, just like it did on Pont Neuf. Owens’ collection was called Lido, after his home across the water from Venice. He said that he and Michele had watched Diana Ross’s rainy show from 1983 to get ready for just this kind of thing.

Owens’ Italian-made take on Victorian stricture, structure, and stitching was both old and new. His hard shoulders stood out against the soft folds of draped silk organza. His leg-brace boots came with a high top, and he also had “brutalist concrete sandals.” He tried to figure out what makes us want to party, suggesting that we should just party while we can. It could be said that the designer had his cake and ate it too, but this was conscious consumption, a conflict with a cause, and fashion with a stand. Even for the lost, it was beautiful.

Rick Owens is an acclaimed fashion designer of American origin who has become ubiquitously successful in the fashion industry. The Los Angeles native has a classic line of wardrobe characterized by a somber, dreary style which, to the majority of fashion enthusiasts, highlights ‘drab chic’.

Owens first began his fashion career at a young age, while he grew up in Porterville, California. He began by designing and creating his first designs as early as the age of nineteen. After this, he moved to Los Angeles and began working in a local factory, designing leather jackets and serving as cutting edge of a talented outfit. At this point, he’d become so popular that his name started to be referred to dressing items of high end, including many vogue collections.

One of the things that really stands out in the career of Rick Owens is his skillful manipulation of textile fabrics, which made him a worldwide recognizable creative force in the industry. His dresses, trousers, bags and even high heels show a cutting edge with a mixture of classic and modern styles. From the very beginning of his career, Owens understood that a garment should distract, but not interfere, with the individual who is wearing it.

Rick Owens is particularly renowned for his concept of glamour-meets-grunge. His use of distressed fabrics with simple, dramatic silhouettes creates an unmistakable sense of modernity and edgy clothing. In 2020, Owens was included in Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential people list. It was therefore fitting to honour the man who, with his talented eye for fashion, managed to uniquely impact an entire subculture.

Claiming his spot rightfully as one of the most well respected designers in the whole industry, Rick Owens has managed to stand the test of time. He continues to be at the forefront of fashion trends, making him a great leader for generations to come.

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