Reports Indicate La Perla Group Heading Towards Administration

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Reports Indicate La Perla Group: The Bologna-based firm La Perla Manufacturing, which is supposedly about to go bankrupt, is the principal manufacturer for the high-end underwear brand La Perla. Following the company’s bankruptcy filing in early February, administrators Francesco Paolo Bello, Francesca Pace, and Gianluca Giorgi have reported the status to the Bologna court. The Italian Ministry of Industry and Trade (Miti) has voiced its approval of the administrative procedure.

It is Mimit’s sincere wish that the other two companies in the La Perla group, La Perla Global Management UK and La Perla Italia, will likewise be placed under administration. The La Perla trademark and all of its assets, including La Perla Manufacturing, are held by La Perla Global Management UK, a UK-registered business that has commenced liquidation procedures in both Bologna and London. Conversely, the brand’s retail outlets are overseen by La Perla Italia.

Adolfo Urso said, “We will need to await the Bologna court’s decision on whether to extend the administration process to the group’s other entities.” He stressed that the ministry agrees with the administrators’ approach, but that the court should make the ultimate determination.

The Bologna court and the Italian government are against selling La Perla, as Urso pointed out. Instead of dragging out legal proceedings across many jurisdictions, he proposed that the court-appointed administrators negotiate a deal with the British corporation.

Urso brought up the fact that the administrators had gotten interest signals, which could mean prospective purchasers. At a later point, we will discuss the sale. Also, by Easter, the La Perla employees who have gone five months without pay will have access to a wage guarantee fund, he promised.

Author: ANSA

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