Reni Folawiyo: The Visionary Behind Alára Ushering African Fashion onto the Global Stage”

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Alára, the iconic concept store in Lagos, Nigeria, has dazzled the world as a true fashion gem. Often likened to global names like Colette and Dover Street Market, it’s an inspiring space that defies conventions.

Redefining African Luxury and selling Culture 

Photo: Fola PR

Farida Atallah, the visionary founder of Alára, thrives on redefining African luxury. Her mission is clear: to showcase the rich tapestry of African creativity alongside international design. A splendid blend of iconic names like Saint Laurent with emerging African talents like Lagos Space Programme is her forte. Alára is more than just a fashion haven; it’s a cultural epicenter. Furniture, books, design objects, a restaurant, and vibrant cultural events converge under its roof. Farida’s mission is to share the essence of African culture with the world.

A Creative Family Background and Empowering Rising African Designers

Photo: Fola PR

Photo: Fola PR

Growing up in a family of artists and intellectuals, Farida’s creative journey was deeply influenced. Her quest for something more inspired her transition from law to the vibrant world of design and fashion. Emerge Alára, the annual design competition, is a springboard for emerging African designers. Farida seeks potential, a cultural point of view, and designs that can stand alongside global luxury brands.

Bridging International and African Design

Alára artfully combines international classics from luxury giants like Saint Laurent with African designers. It’s a seamless fusion that opens minds to new horizons in fashion.

 Alára Goes Global

Alára’s latest venture, Alára World, is set to spread its enchantment globally, both online and in international cities. The dream is turning into a resolute goal.

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