Ralph Lauren RTW Spring 2024

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Ralph Lauren is the king of American fashion, and his Purple Label line is no exception. His team recently returned to his Milan palace to show off the collection, which was designed by Lauren himself from his Madison Avenue perch and made in Italy from start to finish.

The collection was divided into three parts: “latte,” “navy,” and “rainbow resort.” The latte area featured deconstructed, unlined suits with peaked collars and flecked shantung silk, as well as a silk/linen herringbone sports jacket with pleats on the shoulders. Looser outfits, such as a handmade cotton/silk faded Fair Isle meets Basque knit sweater and white pant, and a suede field jacket with a blue sweater, were paired with a cravat, a signature Purple label accessory. The navy area included suede trucker jackets, cropped linen herringbone bleus de travail, elevated denim suits, and a pre-WFH Wall Street pinstripe.

The last part of the collection was in a different room, and getting there took a pleasant journey through a new line of accessories called Bedford. The rainbow room had jackets, pants, and vacation wear in bird-of-paradise colors that could be mixed and matched. These jewel-toned pieces were made to stand out and were styled with a velvet slipper and an espadrille.

Ralph Lauren was the perfect name to use for this collection, with its mix of many cinematically masculine archetypes that were expertly made by the best hands in menswear. Quiet luxury? Not really. But luxury? For sure.
Ralph Lauren is a world-renowned fashion designer whose brand Ralph Lauren is well-known by many around the globe. The American fashion designer is famous for his classic and luxurious designs, having created the iconic styles that millions of customers across the world recognize and love.

Ralph Lauren was born and raised in the Bronx, New York City in 1939 and was known to develop an appreciation for art and fashion from a young age. After graduating from high school he worked briefly as a salesman for Brooks Brothers before launching his own menswear line in 1967. His designs quickly gained traction and made Ralph Lauren one of the country’s most sought-after designers.

His signature polo shirt, introduced a year later in 1968, catapulted the brand to notoriety – becoming one of the most iconic symbols of preppy chic style. Following the success of the polo shirt, which remains to be one of his most successful products to this day, Ralph Lauren went on to launch a whole range of products, including apparel, accessories, perfumes, and home décor.

Given his success, Ralph Lauren has been the recipient of numerous awards. These include the Golden Plate Award from the American Academy of Achievement in 1993, the US Artists Foundation Award from the US Department of State in 2002, and the 9th Annual CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007.

It is clear that Ralph Lauren is an unstoppable force in the fashion world, and his illustrious career has proven to be one of the most successful in modern history. His inspiration, motivation, and dedication have led him to achieve great success and to create an empire that we all love.

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