& Other Stories Collaborates with 90s Supermodel Kirsty Hume

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& Other Stories Collaborates: Kirsty Hume, a well-known figure in the 1990s modeling industry, served as the inspiration for the most recent Savoir collection from & Other Stories, which is now available in stores and online.

The H&M Group-owned store unveils its limited edition Savoir collection twice yearly. The inspiration for this season’s collection comes from Hume’s shift from supermodel to artist; it expertly combines aspects of minimalist 90s style with those of eternal femininity, independence, and daring.

Throughout the campaign, Hume’s story serves as a lens through which to see the collection and the persistent artistic investigation of women from a universal viewpoint.

The collection, according to Frida Billegren, the brand’s Concept Designer, seeks to embody the freeing spirit of the endless sky, drawing attention to the link between liberty and imagination. Using high-quality materials and elaborate craftsmanship, the collection develops from a canvas painting of a sunset sky into a variety of dresses, pieces, and accessories.

An eye-catching piece from the collection is a column dress that showcases the artwork of the sunset sky. It has a minimalist style with expressive painted strokes that are bold and bold. Dresses in brilliant yellow and voluminous sky blue with artistic draping evoking historical silhouettes from the 1930s and 1940s are just a few examples of the styles that this piece inspires across the collection.

The creative group experiments with different denim fashions, adding a modern twist to the whimsical garments by using draping techniques. Furthermore, the sage-green lace and lavender pointelle knit pieces conjure up images of clouds’ ethereal veil-like aspect.

Organic and recycled cotton materials are on display, as are viscose that has been responsibly obtained, filament yarns that mimic silk and are highly regarded for their drape and softness, and more.

Accessories like handmade glass baubles embellished with sterling silver and sandals with sculpted flower heels complete the set, lending a whimsical air to the Savoir collection.

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