Nordstrom settles Patagonia counterfeiting lawsuit

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Nordstrom settles Patagonia: Outdoor clothing firm Patagonia sued Nordstrom, claiming that the store sold fake products. The two companies have already settled, with Patagonia agreeing to drop the lawsuit in exchange for an undisclosed amount of compensation from Nordstrom. This settlement was reached after a joint filing with the Central District of California U.S. District Court, where both companies requested the dismissal of the lawsuit.

 As of Thursday, neither Nordstrom nor Patagonia had issued any remarks or provided any other information on the deal.

 Patagonia’s lawsuit against Nordstrom alleges a significant breach of trust. It claims that Nordstrom, a Seattle-based department store chain, sold thousands of fake Patagonia sweatshirts and T-shirts last year. These sales allegedly occurred after the termination of their partnership, which had allowed Nordstrom to sell Patagonia products. Patagonia has demanded a monetary settlement for copyright and trademark infringement and a restraining order to prevent further sales of these counterfeit products.

 In response to the lawsuit, Nordstrom has taken decisive actions to address the issue. The corporation, while denying any wrongdoing, has acknowledged its mistake in verifying the authenticity of the products. It has cut ties with the supplier of the alleged counterfeit goods, removed the merchandise from its shelves, and offered to reimburse any earnings from the sale of these items, demonstrating its commitment to rectify the situation.

 The case is registered with the United States District Court for the Central District of California under the case number 2:23-cv-04168 and is officially named Patagonia Inc v. Nordstrom Inc.

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