Jay Chou Joins RIMOWA’s Never Still Campaign in a London Adventure

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Jay Chou Joins RIMOWA’s : The upscale luggage brand RIMOWA, known for its high-end products, presents the newest installment of its “Never Still” campaign, which stars Jay Chou as “the King of Mandopop.” This version takes viewers to London, where Chou moves through the bustling streets with his RIMOWA Original Cabin in Titanium. The advertisement emphasizes travel as a path of self-improvement and artistic inspiration, showing how each journey brings fresh viewpoints and unplanned discoveries. This story is enhanced with a specially composed soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, who has worked with RIMOWA three times. It combines creative brilliance with the organization’s innovative history dating back to 1898.

Jay Chou Joins RIMOWA’s

Jay Chou Joins RIMOWA's

This campaign, which will debut globally on March 13 across a variety of media, encourages contemporary travelers to approach their travels with creativity and openness. As its newest ambassador, Jay Chou is part of RIMOWA’s ongoing mission to investigate the transformative potential of travel in bridging cultures. The Never Still campaign honors RIMOWA’s dedication to creating stylish, long-lasting luggage for discerning travelers, inspiring a lifetime of discovery and the tales that accompany it.

Jay Chou Joins RIMOWA's
Watch Jay Chou’s adventure with RIMOWA in London below.

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