How Selling Plus-Size Clothes on Instagram Gave Me the Fat Community I Craved

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If I’m good at anything, it’s trying (and failing) to get rid of my old clothes. I’ve used Etsy, Poshmark, and Depop to get rid of stuff I no longer need, and I’ve gone to Beacon’s Closet on West 13th Street to sell pants that don’t fit and shirts I don’t like. I usually only make a few dollars for each item, but I’m still happy to see my old clothes on the racks.

In January, I decided to do an Instagram Story sale to get some stuff out of my house before I moved from Austin to Los Angeles. I listed some good items, including a pair of Good American jeans and a Universal Standard dress, but I didn’t expect anyone to buy them. I was surprised when people started messaging me to claim items.

Most of the clothes I listed were around a 2XL or size 18. I know how hard it can be to find clothes in those sizes, so it was meaningful to be able to pass them along to people who have the same difficulty finding plus-size items in stores.
It was the summer of 2018 when I decided to launch my clothing shop on Instagram. I had a specific vision in mind: to create a business that celebrates all body types, in particular those of plus-size individuals.

At the time, there were very few plus-size clothing options available in the market, especially for young adults. I wanted to fill this void, by creating fashionable and affordable clothing pieces that could make someone feel good and celebrate their own bodies.

However, I was not expecting the immense response that I received from people within the plus-size community. It was both overwhelming and heartwarming to witness people embracing their individual shapes and sizes. The process of simply feeling beautiful was incredibly liberating for many. For the first time, the plus-size community had a place to express themselves and share their struggles through social media.

I had achieved a goal that I didn’t even know I was working towards: creating a platform of self-love. My brand quickly became popular among this group, which in turn proved to be invaluable for both my business and the community as a whole. Through this platform, I was able to help people feel better about themselves, while also giving them the opportunity to fashionably express their individuality.

What began as an ambitious effort to increase clothing options for plus-size individuals, ultimately created a support system that did more than just dress people. It connected them with each other, providing a space where they felt open to being themselves and celebrating the beauty of human diversity.

I am proud to have played even a small part in honoring the fat community, and I am committed to continuing to provide them with whatever platform they may need to keep feeling confident.

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