Haus Labs By Lady Gaga expands across Europe at Sephora

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Haus Labs By Lady Gaga: Allies of Skin, a skincare company based in Singapore, has taken a giant leap ahead in its growth trajectory thanks to a substantial $20 million investment from Meaningful Partners.

The most crucial strategic tasks to be funded by the injection are expanding the team’s infrastructure, boosting marketing, and advancing research and development, particularly in the lucrative US market.


Nicolas Travis established Allies of Skin in 2016, and the brand’s scientific approach to skincare propelled it to stardom. Retinoids, vitamin C, and antioxidants are clinically proven active ingredients that have helped the company expand beyond its initial three products to offer a comprehensive range of skincare treatments.

The company’s significant goods include a firming eye cream with peptides and omegas, a hydrating cleanser with molecular silk amino acids, and a daily treatment with peptides and antioxidants. Forty renowned retailers currently ship Allies of Skin products to 36 countries. These retailers include Space NK, Mecca, Sephora, Dermstore, and Cult Beauty.

Meaningful Partners is committed to supporting innovative companies in the health and beauty sectors by investing in Allies of Skin. Making notable investments in the past include vegan vitamin solution company Sugarbear, which employs solely organic and plant-based components, and cold-pressed juice and wellness shot market leader Suja in the United States.

With this massive investment, Allies of Skin will be able to solidify its position as a global leader in skincare and create even more innovative beauty products backed by research.


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