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Gucci Communications Director Benjamin Cercio: Rumors are circulating about possible changes within the prestigious Italian fashion business Gucci, which has been rocked by yet another round of management shakeups as the luxury sector continues its relentless restructuring. Benjamin Cercio’s official resignation from Gucci as communications director has been confirmed, and rumors are circulating that Stefano Cantino, formerly of Louis Vuitton, may be joining the brand.

After fifteen years at Louis Vuitton, where he rose through the ranks to become director of press and celebrity relations, Benjamin Cercio joined Gucci in 2022 and is now the global director of communications. His responsibilities at Gucci grew throughout his time there, and he eventually became the company’s Senior Vice President of Global Communications. According to recent rumors, Cercio has officially ended his tenure with Gucci after bidding farewell to the firm.

Along with Cercio, Claudio Monteverde departed from Gucci at the tail end of September as well, having previously served as global director of corporate and internal communications. Since then, Monteverde has been the Corporate Communications Manager of Moncler. Alessio Vanetti, on the other hand, is back at Gucci as Executive Vice President and Brand Director; he was global director of communications from 2015 to 2019.

Some have speculated that Gucci may entice Stefano Cantino away from Louis Vuitton during these changes. Cantino has a long and distinguished career spanning more than 20 years, with a substantial chunk of that time spent at Prada. Since 2018, he has been the Senior Vice President of Communication and Events at Louis Vuitton. Before joining Louis Vuitton, Cantino was most notably Prada’s Director of Marketing, Communications, and Development from 2014 until 2018.

Jean-François Palus, who became Gucci’s CEO last autumn, has overseen the company’s ongoing strategic transformation. Sabato De Sarno took over as creative director of Gucci in January 2023, following the renowned Alessandro Michele. Gucci continues to lead the luxury industry, which is experiencing significant changes, by being resilient and adaptable.

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