Giorgio Armani RTW Spring 2024

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Since 1975, Giorgio Armani has started every collection with a blank page and a pencil. To mark the release of his latest collection, he placed a large pencil at the end of the runway in his showspace on Via Borgonuovo. Fashion is ever-changing, and each season brings a new layer to the last. This season’s Emporio line was partly inspired by Armani’s interest in Asian dress, with long, almost shirt-like cuts on light jackets. The last four suits in the collection had shapes reminiscent of Hollywood fashion before Netflix.

Wearable narrative devices included collarless jackets made of seersucker, lattice-framed grip bags, layered logo silk shirting and foulards, pearl-toned trenches, slingback loose-weave espadrilles, tie-print silks, and a garment-dyed indigo twinset. Armani had his models take their straw hats instead of wearing them, and opted against shorts. Before the suits, there was a nearly all-white area with a field jacket and cargo pants. Armani said that it was by filling those blank pages over and over again that he learned how to become an artist.
Giorgio Armani is an iconic name in Italian fashion. Born in Piacenza, Italy in 1934, Mr. Armani attended medical school before pursuing his passion for fashion design. He had a strong eye for the visual arts and quickly found success in the fashion world.

Soon, Armani was designing unique yet classic suits for men, creating a style that was sophisticated and timeless. Armani brought men’s fashion to center stage, securing his place in the world of fashion. He even dressed Richard Gere in the classic film, American Gigolo.

Today, Giorgio Armani stands as a major fashion designer whose collections are featured around the world. He boasts an array of clothing for both men and women clothing, from casual-wear to red-carpet attire. His vision is always ahead of the fashion industry’s curve and seeks to innovate and create.

In addition, Armani has expanded into other facets of fashion, launching cosmetic and skincare lines, home furnishing collections, and even designing uniforms for the Italian Olympic team. His creativity and passion in all aspects of the fashion industry has earned him countless awards, including the Neiman Marcus Fashion Award in 1987 and the International Award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America in 2005.

Giorgio Armani has influenced generations of fashion designers, creating a legacy that will continue to inspire creatives for generations to come. He remains at the helm of the fashion industry and continues to impress with his timeless designs.

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