Roksanda Finds New Home with Damian Hopkins’ The Brand Group, Founder to Lead Creativity

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Roksanda Finds New Home with Damian Hopkins:  London Fashion Week stalwart Roksanda, known for its independent spirit, has found a new home under the wing of brand development platform The Brand Group, following its decision to file a notice of intent to appoint administrators. This acquisition follows closely on the heels of Damian Hopkins’ burgeoning portfolio, which already includes the nascent Vivere label.

Established in 2005 by Roksanda Ilinčić, the label has navigated through unprecedented market challenges, culminating in a strategic decision to seek stability through acquisition. This move not only allows the brand to refocus on global expansion but also underscores its commitment to retaining Ilinčić as the creative director.

Roksanda, in its statement about the sale, emphasizes the strategic alignment with The Brand Group. This alignment is not just a mere business move, but a strategic decision that ensures the preservation of Roksanda’s unique identity as a British luxury brand. The partnership is designed to not only nurture Roksanda’s loyal customer base but also attract new audiences, a key aspect of Roksanda’s global expansion strategy.

Notably, Roksanda was among the labels affected by the recent administration of Matches, underscoring the complexities of the contemporary luxury landscape.

The Brand Group, now the proud owners of Roksanda, is led by two seasoned industry veterans. Damian Hopkins, an established entrepreneur with a proven track record in fashion and manufacturing, brings invaluable experience from his time at Matalan and PDS Radius Brands. Sunny Malhotra, with his expertise in apparel design and sourcing, demonstrated by his role at Simple Approach, is well-positioned to strengthen Roksanda’s operational backbone. Their leadership is a clear testament to The Brand Group’s unwavering commitment to Roksanda’s continued success.

The symbiotic relationship between creativity and operational acumen is pivotal for a designer brand’s scalability, and the partnership with The Brand Group augurs well for Roksanda’s trajectory.

Expressing his admiration for Roksanda, Hopkins affirms his commitment to steering the brand toward its next phase, leveraging British luxury’s global resonance.

Despite recent challenges, Roksanda has maintained its momentum, with notable collaborations such as FitFlop and Jigsaw underscoring its enduring relevance within the fashion landscape.

As Roksanda embarks on this new chapter, supported by The Brand Group’s strategic stewardship, the brand remains poised to leave an indelible mark on the global stage, championing British creativity with aplomb.

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