John Elliott’s Fall 2024 Collection Transports You to Motor Valley

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John Elliott’s Fall 2024 Collection: From his home in California, John Elliott traveled to Modena, Italy, to shoot his most recent collection. Modena, a small city in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, is famous as the “Motor Valley.” The Maserati, Lamborghini, and Pagani headquarters are all located in close proximity to this city.



The designer’s approach to his Fall 2024 collection is heavily influenced by fast cars. Sweatpants were once considered “high fashion,” a title that has long been bestowed upon Elliott by more than one news article.

John Elliott’s Fall 2024 Collection
Even yet, the menswear designer has taken a more refined approach with his latest collection, which has items that are better suited to the European way of life. The cuts are loose and reminiscent of Italian sportswear, but they are noticeably more refined.

Elliott wears a cashmere sweater over a zip-neck fleece, black boots, and racing pants in his initial look. In another, he wears a green fleece patterned after springtime under a black turtleneck. Leather coats that have seen better days, big sunglasses, and baggy denim and leather pants abound.

John Elliott’s Fall 2024 Collection

The collection, according to Elliott’s interview with Vogue, was inspired by his observation of the Maserati manufacturing employees, who all seemed to be sporting chic, multipurpose outfits that could easily go from the office to a night on the town.

“I came to the realization that the individuals responsible for crafting Ferraris and Maseratis are among the most intelligent and fascinating individuals on the planet,” he remarked. “It was enough to see the way these men were dressed. This method of living really moved me.

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