WHP Global renews Tailored Brands licensing deal for Joseph Abboud

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WHP Global renews Tailored Brands: On Tuesday, WHP Global made headlines when it announced that its licensing arrangement with the prestigious Joseph Abboud brand, via the brand management business Tailored Brands, will be expanded and extended for an additional five years. This strategic decision, which includes the introduction of new product lines and increased global distribution, demonstrates a strong dedication to the brand’s future growth and highlights Joseph Abboud’s lasting dominance in the menswear fashion industry.

 The extended long-term deal between Tailored Brands and WHP Global not only solidifies tailored Brands’ position as the dominant force in the design, manufacture, marketing, and sales of Joseph Abboud branded tailored clothes and sportswear in North America, but also underscores the mutual benefits of this partnership. This extension is more than just a legal need; it’s a testament to the successful collaboration between Tailored Brands and WHP Global since WHP Global acquired the Joseph Abboud brand in 2020.

 The importance of this partnership renewal was underscored in a press release, which not only highlighted the brand’s timeless appeal but also its ongoing resonance with menswear market consumers. The president of Tailored Brands, John Tighe, spoke highly of the collaboration, expressing confidence that it will continue to be a solid option for clients seeking classic design and high-quality products.

 The continuation of the agreement with Joseph Abboud is a testament to Tailored Brands’ commitment to providing sophisticated and expertly crafted products that meet the high standards of its customers. This commitment not only strengthens the brand’s relationship with its devoted followers but also demonstrates Tailored Brands and WHP Global’s dedication to expanding the brand’s visibility and customer base in the US.

 This partnership expansion is in perfect harmony with Tailored Brands’ respected array of brands, which includes Men’s Wearhouse, Jos. A. Bank, Moores, and K&G Fashion Superstore. Tailored Brands is a well-known omnichannel specialty retailer of menswear. The company’s dominance in the menswear retail market is borne out by its capacity to reliably produce outstanding outcomes.

 The chairman and CEO of WHP Global, Yehuda Shmidman, was very enthusiastic about the possibility of continuing the partnership and praised Tailored Brands for their exceptional performance. He shared his vision for the future of the Joseph Abboud brand, which includes expanding into new markets, introducing innovative product lines, and continuing to uphold the brand’s legacy of quality and style. Thanks to its successful leadership, Tailored Brands is a perfect fit for WHP Global’s plans to take the Joseph Abboud name to the next level.

 Expanding and extending the cooperation between WHP Global and Tailored Brands reflects a common goal of growth and innovation in the ever-changing menswear sector. This partnership is not just about maintaining the brand’s current success, but about pushing boundaries and exploring new opportunities. Joseph Abboud is ready to win over customers all over the world, thanks to his recommitment to providing unmatched style and craftsmanship, and the support and expertise of Tailored Brands and WHP Global.

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