Wanna launches virtual try-on for bags

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Wanna, an industry leader in virtual try-on (VTO), has unveiled a fascinating new technological advancement: VTO for bags.



The startup’s new bags solution aspires to enable consumers to “interact with the bag before making a purchase, try it on virtually, pair it with the outfits and assess the fit anywhere and any time.” The business is a leading supplier of immersive augmented reality and VTO solutions to the luxury market.

Given that VTO tends to cater to goods that fit snugly, which might be problematic for certain sizes, this is definitely an interesting concept.

So, what is the rationale for the new development according to the company? Considering the wide variety of bags available, “it can be difficult to truly evaluate a bag when shopping online,” according to the statement.

“Helps to bridge this gap by providing a dynamic digital experience, enabling customers to make more informed purchase decisions” is how it puts it technologically.

Given the exorbitant cost of designer handbags, this could be a game-changer for online shopping. Getting the e-shopping experience as near to the in-store one as feasible is vital, as recent problems by premium online retailers have proven.

According to the business, the technology is compatible with both the front- and back-facing cameras of smartphones and has been developed with a wide range of possible uses in mind. It has undergone extensive testing.

Our sources tell us it can be integrated into any website and is available for high-end firms that don’t have their own mobile apps.

You may also include its augmented reality experiences into marketing campaigns, newsletters, and social media because they include shareable links.

You can only use it on crossbody bags right now, but more styles will be added later this year.

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