Tenniscore sales rise in Challengers movie season – Clearpay data

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With statistics showing a rise in demand in tennis-inspired apparel for both on and off the court, Clearpay has predicted Tenniscore to be a major trend in 2024. The event that set this trend in motion was the London premiere of the film “Challengers,” where Zendaya wore a stunning custom Thom Browne ensemble—a red carpet version of tennis whites—and garnered a lot of attention.

Sales of Tenniscore products have skyrocketed at Clearpay, the online retailer, in anticipation of the Wimbledon championship and the busy summer of sports. Sales of small pleated skirts have increased by a considerable 109% year-on-year, while sales of skorts have grown by an impressive 134%.

There has been a considerable upturn in the sales of court dresses as well, with a 35% increase from the previous year. The aforementioned film has also had a notable impact on cotton jersey jumpers, which have shown an astounding 126% increase in sales.

Crew socks saw a 20% surge in sales and white trainers a 27% spike in favor among Gen Z customers, making tenniscore accessories and footwear prominent categories this season.

Along with the data indicated earlier, Clearpay has also seen an increase of 163% in longline sports bra sales, a rise of 35% in tank top sales, an increase of 8% in polo shirt purchases, and an increase of 16% in tennis skirt sales.

Some interesting findings emerge from breaking down these trends by demography, such as the fact that certain age groups are showing very high demand for particular product types. For example, among Gen Z, sales of longline sports bras have soared 476%, skorts by 213%, tank tops by 45%, cotton jersey jumpers by 76%, micro pleated skirts by 124%, cable knit sweaters by 428 %, and white trainers by 27%.

Millennials, commonly known as Gen Y, have shown incredible enthusiasm for Tenniscore fashion, with sales of V-neck sweaters (+443%), skorts (+126%), cotton jersey jumpers, small pleated skirts (both +92%), and visors (a notable 20% increase) among many other things.

Interestingly, Tenniscore fashion has also attracted members of the elder generation, who are often thought of as being less influenced by fads. Generation X has seen significant increase in several important categories, including cable knit sweaters (+479%), cotton jersey jumpers (+142%), skorts (+54%), and small pleated skirts (+86%).

Mini pleated skirts (+125%), cotton jersey jumpers (+207%), white shirts (+87%), skorts (+47%), tank tops (+42%), and polo shirts (+17%), among other items, have seen significant increases in sales among Baby Boomers who have also joined the Tenniscore craze.

The fact that Tenniscore clothing is popular among people of all ages shows that this style is relevant and reflective of how consumer tastes are changing.

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