Shop Premium Outlets launches retail media network

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Retail media network cooperation with Mirakl Ads has been launched by Shop Premium Outlets, a destination for premium and luxury items driven by mall operator Simon Property Group.

As a result of the program, millions of online customers around the world will receive tailored adverts, which will increase exposure and revenue for vendors on Shop Premium Outlets. Sellers may reach a worldwide audience of discriminating buyers with Mirakl’s AI-powered sponsored product adverts. The platform allows for seamless advertising on the go.

The portal provides clients with a wide range of high-quality, reasonably priced items from more than 300 carefully selected vendors and brands, including Adidas, Hugo Boss, Coach Outlet, and Mulberry. Shop Premium Outlets hopes to help vendors speed up growth without sacrificing the quality of the shopping experience by incorporating Mirakl Ads into its marketplace strategy.

Shop Premium Outlets CEO Neel Grover described the company’s new retail media network as an example of their dedication to providing “an exceptional experience” for both consumers and the hundreds of carefully selected merchants who use their online marketplace.

By utilizing our retail media solution, marketplace merchants will be able to target their ads to the people most likely to be interested in them, increasing the ROI of their marketing campaigns significantly. Mirakl Ads offers marketplace-ready technology to guarantee our partners witness rapid return from their retail media expenditures, and first-party evidence supports the idea that retail media can improve sales.

Instant access to data-backed campaigns is available to operators and sellers on the Mirakl Marketplace Platform with Mirakl Ads, a retail media advertising solution that is both intuitive and designed for marketplace enterprises.

Octavie Gosselin, Vice President, Mirakl Ads, spoke about how Shop Premium Outlets has been so successful thanks to its partnerships with well-known fashion and luxury goods businesses.

Shop Premium Outlets may now capitalize on their current customer relationships with the launch of this marketplace-ready retail media advertising solution. They can provide relevant, targeted ads to deliver a curated customer experience. Mirakl Ads was designed to facilitate this type of achievement.

Insider Intelligence predicts that worldwide retail media spend will exceed $140 billion this year, making up 20% of overall digital ad expenditure. Retail media sales have a gross margin rate of 70 to 90%, therefore this program gives shops a chance to profit from higher-margin activities. Spending on retail media will outstrip that on television ads by 2028, according to Group M.

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