Self-Portrait’s Latest Campaign Sets New Milestones with Jisoo Leading the Way

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Self-Portrait’s Latest Campaign: There are a lot of firsts for the company in the Self-Portrait ad campaign with Jisoo. By taking the lead, Jisoo expands Self-Portrait’s global representation and makes history as the first Korean star to represent the brand in an advertising campaign. Famous for her work with the K-pop group BLACKPINK, Jisoo infuses the campaign with a youthful and vibrant energy that embodies the brand’s philosophy of contemporary femininity.

In addition to showcasing Jisoo’s growing star in the fashion industry, our partnership echoes Self-Portrait’s values of diversity and inclusion. Using Jisoo as their campaign ambassador is a way for Self-Portrait to promote cultural diversity and take a more international view.

Furthermore, this collaboration marks a major achievement for Jisoo personally, as she keeps broadening her impact outside the domains of entertainment and music. A new chapter in her career has begun with her involvement in the fashion sector, showcasing her ability to excel across various artistic mediums.

In sum, Jisoo’s inclusion in the Self-Portrait campaign exemplifies how talent, culture, and fashion can come together, and it sets a standard for greater diversity and inclusion in the fashion industry.

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