Rita Ora links with Anna Lahey to launch haircare

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Rita Ora links with Anna Lahey : Rita Ora, a singer of British and Albanian descent, is branching out from her usual entertainment industry to the lucrative beauty product industry. Her foray into haircare with her own range follows the success of her partnership with Primark.

Ora just made an Instagram post about her new haircare company Typebea, which she co-created with Anna Lahey. This puts her in the company of other famous musicians who have found success in the cosmetics sector. Notably, Beyoncé debuted her Cécred haircare line not long ago.

Typebea is high-performance haircare that is created for all hair types, according to Ora, who addressed her followers and expressed her enthusiasm for the business. She highlighted the profound emotional connection people have with their hair, saying that it is an important part of who they are, what they stand for, and how confident they feel in themselves. Ora disclosed her own experience, in which she achieved her healthiest hair to date by experimenting with different hair colors, styles, and treatments throughout her career.

Because Ora knows firsthand how her rigorous job has affected her hair, she can relate to Typebea’s emphasis on healthy hair growth. Her goal in starting this business is to make hair care a daily priority by providing a variety of solutions to meet different demands.

Typebea, which claims to offer a whole spectrum of care and treatment options, is set to debut in the middle of the month. Ora’s partner Anna Lahey is a specialist in the field because to her work as creator of the well-known marine collagen business Vida Glow. The nearly three-year relationship between Lahey and Ora highlights the commitment and careful preparation put into Typebea.

Fans can make sure they are among the first to experience the revolutionary benefits of Typebea by signing up for updates as the official unveiling approaches. Rita Ora’s venture into haircare is set to leave a mark on the beauty industry with its focus on diversity, creativity, and excellence.

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