Poshmark introduces ‘Promoted Closet’ to amplify sales, engagement for sellers

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Poshmark introduces ‘Promoted Closet: On Thursday, Poshmark, an online marketplace for pre-owned clothing and accessories, debuted a new seller tool meant to give vendors more control over their listings and increase sales.

 ‘Promoted Closet,’ the new tool, is now available in the US. It’s a powerful addition that empowers sellers, giving them more control over their listings and the ability to speed up transactions. This tool is designed to increase engagement with their listings and provide a simple and effective paid marketing solution, demonstrating our commitment to our sellers’ success.

 Promoted Closet uses advanced machine learning algorithms to pair sponsored listings with shoppers’ search queries. These algorithms are designed to understand shopper preferences and behavior, ensuring that your listings are shown to the most relevant audience. With a single click, this optimizes vendors’ earning potential and guarantees relevance.

 The option for sellers to establish a weekly budget is a crucial element of Promoted Closet. This budget can be set based on the seller’s advertising goals and financial capacity. With Poshmark, listings can be automatically marketed to shoppers in search results and on Brand pages. You can also get full reports on how well these items were promoted.

 Our number one goal from the start has been to create a world-class platform and thriving community where vendors can follow their dreams and become financially independent. Manish Chandra, founder and CEO of Poshmark, mentioned that with the introduction of Promoted Closet, they are helping vendors increase sales and engage with customers in new ways.

 “As the newest addition to Poshmark’s rich repertoire of seller tools, Promoted Closet unlocks a simple way for sellers to drive visibility to their closets while helping shoppers discover items they’ve been looking for, cementing Poshmark as the number one destination for fashion resale.”

 Early adopters of Promoted Closet have already seen impressive results. Some saw a 43% spike in purchases and an 80% rise in page visitors, demonstrating the tool’s potential to significantly boost sales. While others had a smaller gain, these success stories should inspire potential sellers to consider the benefits of Promoted Closet.

 Included with Poshmark’s other cutting-edge seller tools is this new feature. The platform’s ‘Posh Shows,’ established last year, let vendors sell their closet contents live on Poshmark. With 130 million members in the US and Canada, Poshmark has come a long way since its 2011 launch.

 By providing sellers with more ways to reach out to customers and boost sales, Poshmark is further establishing itself as the go-to site for the fashion resale market. Promoted Closet is a valuable addition to Poshmark’s suite of seller tools, working in tandem with features like ‘Posh Shows’ to offer a comprehensive solution for sellers to increase their visibility and sales.

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