Paris Fashion Week Leads in Digital Audience Engagement, Fueled by Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Saint Laurent Presentations

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Paris Fashion Week Leads in Digital Audience: Once again, the women’s ready-to-wear fashion week in Paris has established itself as the most popular event of its kind. According to Launchmetrics’ Media Impact Value (MIV) indicator, the Autumn-Winter 2024/25 collections that were shown on the Parisian catwalks from February 26th to March 5th generated an astounding $425.5 million in media impact. Importantly, Launchmetrics has changed the way it calculates MIV, so it’s not possible to compare it directly to seasons past. Nevertheless, to put things in perspective, New York Fashion Week brought in $181.5 million, London Fashion Week made $78.1 million, and Milan Fashion Week made $273.4 million.

Social medias – Launchmetrics – DR

Michael Jaïs, the head of Launchmetrics, highlighted Paris’s crucial position in the world of fashion on a conference call, expressing his excitement over the season’s achievements. That 87% of the MIV was generated in the first 48 hours after Paris Fashion Week ended was something he brought up, demonstrating how popular the event was right away. With 76% of the total MIV, social media sites, especially Instagram, outperformed traditional internet outlets.

With an impressive $206.9 million in MIV, Instagram emerged as the clear leader, accounting for 49% of the digital audience effect. Meanwhile, when looking at how well material performed on other platforms, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram came out on top. During Fashion Week, media outlets had 67% of the overall MIV, while influencers had 13% and celebrities had 10%.

The top 20 brands at PFW – Launchmetrics – DR

In terms of geographical reach, the media coverage of Paris Fashion Week was most prominent in the US, France, and the UK. With the help of Kunno and Maira Bottle, Latin America, and Mexico in particular, saw explosive expansion. The influence of South Korean K-pop artists was substantial in the Asia-Pacific region, where they came in at number four in terms of MIV generated by the event.

At Paris Fashion Week, Louis Vuitton’s $36.3 million MIV made it the most popular brand. Felix Lee, a model and rapper from Australia, was the star of Louis Vuitton’s spectacular presentation honoring creative director Nicolas Ghesquière’s tenth anniversary. The enormous impact and reach of the brand was demonstrated by the $9.1 million in MIV that Lee’s presence alone delivered.

By generating interest, debate, and new ideas among fashion industry insiders, Paris Fashion Week once again proved to be a major player on the international stage.

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