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& Other Stories to launch Susan Fang: This month, & Other Stories, a fashion brand owned by the H&M Group, unveiled a thrilling partnership with the acclaimed designer Susan Fang. Fang is known for her groundbreaking designs that draw inspiration from nature.

The organza dresses and 3D-flower accessories in the collection are a tribute to Fang’s one-of-a-kind style. The cooperation is a celebration of creativity, says the shop, with Fang citing her mother as an influence.

The unique designs, vivid colors, and intriguing fabrics that make up Fang’s seven-year-old namesake line are a reflection of her multicultural upbringing and profound affinity with the natural world. The collection embodies Fang’s distinctive style, which is marked by broderie anglaise, delicate designs, laser-cut flower petals, and crochet accents. Beaded “water drops” and other elaborate embellishments are just a few examples of how this partnership elevates Fang’s ideas to the next level.

The Treasure Dress, which draws inspiration from the play of sunlight filtered through leaves, is a show-stopper in the collection. Merging traditional artistry with contemporary design, this dress has laser-cut flower petals that give the impression of floating, and it is embellished with a flowery motif that was inspired by Fang’s mother’s artwork.

A floral shirt dress, a broderie anglaise top and skirt, laser-cut skirts, beaded crochet pieces, and floral shorts make up the eleven-piece collection. Consistent with the philosophy of the brand, all nine of these ready-to-wear items are made from sustainable materials like organic cotton or recycled fabric. In addition, there are chrome-free leather silver diamanté sandals and a 3D-printed version of Susan Fang’s famous flower necklace in the collection.

Fang reflected on the partnership and shared that she hoped to make whimsical, statement items that were practical enough to wear every day, drawing inspiration from nature. She wanted to convey a feeling of liberation and surrealism through the collection’s use of floral details, which she achieved by mixing floral designs with see-through textiles.

On April 18th, the highly anticipated collection will hit stores and online, giving style-conscious individuals the chance to incorporate Fang’s whimsical designs—inspired by nature—into their wardrobes.

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