Naturalizer Unveils Gen N Project in Collaboration with Deepica Mutyala

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Naturalizer Unveils Gen N Project: Naturalizer Unveils Gen N Project: In the spring of 2024, Naturalizer’s Gen N Project will take off with the help of Live Tinted’s acclaimed CEO, Deepica Mutyala. By teaming up with powerful people and companies that are fighting for more diversity and openness in the fashion industry, this innovative project hopes to reimagine women’s comfort.

As an outspoken supporter of multicultural beauty on her platform Live Tinted, Deepica Mutyala is an ideal partner for Naturalizer in its pursuit of diversity and inclusion via innovation. Deepica has made a bold decision by donating to the Unicorn Island Fund, which shares her vision to change people’s views and give women and girls more agency.

Looking ahead, Deepica declared, “My intention is to lead by example, to demonstrate to other brands that inclusivity and representation should be the norm, not the exception.”

An incredibly stylish slide made specifically for today’s lady is the focal point of the limited-edition ‘Illuminate’ capsule collection, which is the result of the partnership. For $125 a pair, you can have these shoes in two different heel heights and three different transparent tints that mimic the shades of concealer offered by Live Tinted.

The senior VP of design and development at Naturalizer, Angelique Joseph, highlighted Deepica’s significant contribution to the partnership by encouraging the brand to use the shoe design as a symbol of transparency. Every woman may discover a shade that embraces her uniqueness in the Illuminate line, which is fashioned from a groundbreaking material that enables the wearer’s skin tone to shine through.

Photographed by Daymion Mardel, the collection’s advertising campaign showcases the inclusive and diverse partnership with Deepica, entrepreneur and writer Lauren Chan, and body positivity campaigner Khrystyana.

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