Marcolin and Skechers Extend Global Licensing Deal for Eyewear

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The licensing deal for the design, production, and worldwide distribution of Skechers sunglasses, optical eyewear, and children’s eyeglasses has been renewed by Italian eyewear producer Marcolin and American footwear brand Skechers until December 2030.

In 2014, Marcolin and Skechers initially entered into a licensing arrangement.

In 2023, Skechers eyewear saw record sales of $8 billion (€7.44 billion), a 7.5% rise, because to its extensive distribution network. Online, at authorized opticians, in certain Skechers stores (out of 5,000 total) and department stores around the world are all places you may buy them.

The news of this license renewal arrives as Marcolin is getting ready for a possible sale or merger with another company. A number of important license agreements, including those with Max&Co and Tom Ford, were recently renewed by the corporation.

Marcolin and Skechers have continued their successful cooperation by renewing their global licensing deal for eyeglasses. As a result of the arrangement, Marcolin is now the sole licensee for Skechers eyewear, further demonstrating their dedication to providing customers all around the globe with high-quality products.

Marcolin has renewed its agreement to design, manufacture, and sell Skechers-branded eyewear collections. Working together, the two brands can better serve the varied tastes of customers looking for fashionable and practical eyewear by combining their expertise in the fashion and eyewear sectors.

Since its inception some years ago, the collaboration between Marcolin and Skechers has flourished, with each side making significant contributions to the creation of ground-breaking eyewear designs that mirror Skechers’ inventive and forward-thinking brand personality. By extending their partnership, Marcolin and Skechers will be able to provide customers with an even wider selection of stylish, performance-oriented eyewear around the world.

Both companies’ management were very enthusiastic about the restored cooperation and about continuing to work together to provide consumers all over the world with great eyewear goods. Quality, innovation, and happy customers are core principles that they both hold in high regard, and they highlighted these as reasons for their fruitful collaboration.

Marcolin and Skechers are ready to continue their success and solidify their position as market leaders in the eyewear sector thanks to the extension of their licensing agreement. Consumers can anticipate fresh eyewear lines that combine the iconic flair of Skechers with the precision and craftsmanship of Marcolin.

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