John Lobb opens its first store in Kyoto

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As its seventh retail location in Japan, luxury shoe brand John Lobb is celebrating a major milestone with the grand opening of its first-ever store in the picturesque city of Kyoto.

Situated in the esteemed Shinmonzen district, famous for its rich mosaic of art, antiques, and craftsmanship, the new shop stands as a tribute to John Lobb’s long-standing relationship with Japan and the steadfast devotion of its local patrons.

The boutique’s style was developed by renowned architect Teruhiro Yanagihara, who is known for his talent in fusing modernism with traditional elements.

The boutique flawlessly blends contemporary elegance with the enduring charm of Kyoto, housed in a classic wooden machiya townhouse. The 86 square meter boutique has two stories and unique characteristics including an inside patio and a classic wooden front covered with trademark white Noren cloth curtains.

The store is a mesmerizing display of John Lobb’s unmatched skill and workmanship in footwear. It provides a beautiful selection of Lobb classics, as well as new collections, custom orders, and bespoke creations.

To celebrate the grand opening of their Kyoto location, John Lobb has unveiled the zoori, an exquisite pair of shoes that draws inspiration from traditional Japanese craftsmanship. These shoes will be sold only at the John Lobb Kyoto store. The zoori is an example of carefully produced footwear; it has a tatamiomote footbed that is hand woven from bamboo and is accented by premium John Lobb leather on the tongue and sides of the sole.

John Lobb’s debut in Kyoto represents a continuance of its legacy of quality and a celebration of the enduring charm of fine craftsmanship, continuing its rich history that spans two decades in Japan.

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