Etro Debuts Made-to-Order Campaign Alongside Animated Film

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The recent introduction of made-to-order formalwear by Italian luxury brand Etro through Etro Unique is being bolstered by a short film directed by Virgilio Villoresi, which was inspired by the new offering.



The company has inaugurated its first men’s tailoring and personalization-only retail location at 5 Via Monte Napoleone.


“Seamlessly blending Etro’s rich heritage and tradition with the whimsical charm of a cartoon tailoring workshop, brought to life by an animated team of zealous instruments and miniature characters,” is how the new movie, Magic Tailoring, describes itself.


According to the business, it’s “a dreamlike and surreal realm where each jacket emerges through a mesmerizing and playful choreography, each one a testament to uniqueness and individuality.” The distinction between truth and fiction is blurred in this magical universe as the craft of tailoring blends seamlessly with limitless imagination.


The distinctive patterns that define Etro are prominently displayed, making it readily recognizable as such.


Villoresi used “an artisanal approach to cinematography” in the film’s creation, according to the production firm. The result is an immersive sequence of stop-motion animations reminiscent

Each frame is painstakingly created and captured, with the camera immortalizing every intricate movement at a pace of 5/6 seconds every day, allowing for 15 motions per second.


It’s a fascinating, if slow, method of filmmaking that highlights the artistry of made-to-order.


In comparison, the company’s most recent seasonal campaign debuted in January. That one adopted cutting-edge technology and cleverly applied artificial intelligence.


Working with digital artist and designer Silvia Badalotti, creative director Marco De Vincenzo created an otherworldly advertisement that effectively showcases the brand’s patterns.

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