Dior taps Charlize Theron as skincare and jewelry ambassador

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Dior taps Charlize Theron: The skincare and jewelry divisions of luxury fashion house Dior will now feature actress and philanthropist Charlize Theron as their new face.

 Dior has appointed Charlize Theron as its new ambassador for skincare and jewels. Brand: Dior

 Beyond cosmetics, as part of the agreement, she will collaborate closely with the House on social responsibility projects centering on the advancement of women. This move expands upon her collaboration with Dior, which started in 2004.

 With much anticipation, we begin this new phase of our illustrious collaboration with Dior. “It has been a privilege to work creatively with the house as the face of j’Adore for the past 20 years,” Theron stated. Joining Dior in honoring the allure of Jewelry and Skincare is an honor, and I am pleased with everything we have accomplished together. What’s to come? I can’t wait. 

 She became famous after receiving an Oscar for Best Actress for her breakthrough performance in ‘Monster’ (2003). Following this, Theron has starred in critically praised films like ‘Young Adult’ (2011), ‘Prometheus’ (2012), ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ (2015), ‘Atomic Blonde’ (2017), and ‘Fast & Furious 10’ (2023). As for her future projects, she has a starring role in this year’s ‘The Old Guard 2’.

 Beyond her work in movies, Theron has been an influential UN Messenger of Peace, working to stop violence against women and reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS. Aiming to enhance the well-being and security of young people in Southern Africa, she established the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project (CTAOP) in 2007. The ‘Chin Up—Dior stands with women’ campaign has been supporting this project since 2020.

 I am very proud of Charlize Theron’s appointment as the face of Dior jewelry. Delphine Arnault, chairman and chief executive officer of Christian Dior Couture, praised Charlize as “the ideal embodiment of the alliance between arts, craftsmanship, and dreams,” a sentiment exemplified by the jewelry designed by Victoire de Castellane for the House of Dior. 

 “Charlize is a member of our family who embodies the Dior spirit that we treasure,” said Véronique Courtois, CEO of Parfums Christian Dior. She is an idol because of her extraordinary beauty, dedication, and uncommon brilliance. Additionally, this is where her brilliance resides; she is genuinely humble. She does not only converse with other ladies but also has their admiration. So, it’s only fitting to celebrate her triumphant femininity in other sectors that women love: skincare on top of jewelry, revealing her various sides at the heart of the Dior world.  

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