Burnerry signs up Korea’s Son Suk-ku as ambassador

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British luxury powerhouse Burberry has added another famous face to its list of brand ambassadors, who play a significant role in the company’s marketing strategy.

The latest addition to Burberry’s roster of brand ambassadors is Son Suk-ku, a famous actor from South Korea known for his varied performances in film and television. His stellar career has garnered him international renown for his exceptional performances in a wide range of musical styles.

When Son Suk-ku starred in the hit Netflix series ‘DP’ in 2021, he won over viewers. The following year, he won the esteemed Best New Actor prize at the Korean Association of Film Critic Awards for his portrayal of Mr. Gu in the drama ‘My Liberation Notes.’ His work in that film set the stage for his triumph at the awards. Being in ‘Army on a Tree’ in 2022 only served to further elevate his star.

The actor has long been an admirer of Burberry, and the fashion house has said that Son Suk-ku personifies the brand.

The fact that European and American luxury goods have chosen South Korean celebrities as their ambassadors shows how popular these stars are both at home and abroad. To further emphasize the importance of the Asian market, and South Korea in particular, in the luxury segment, Burberry recruited actress Jun Ji-hyun as its first female ambassador from South Korea in 2022.

A further indication of Burberry’s dedication to the flourishing Asian luxury market is the presence of Chinese ambassadors like the acclaimed actress Tang Wei.

The appointment of Son Suk-ku highlights Burberry’s strategy of capitalizing on the popularity and clout of influential people in important markets, which strengthens the brand’s position and exposure worldwide.

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