Burberry summer campaign opts for sunny Jamaica

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As part of its ongoing quest for global expansion, British fashion house Burberry has released a new summer ad campaign that takes us from the dreary streets of London to the colorful beaches of Jamaica. The legendary label will set sail for a “lightness and sensuality” adventure in the Caribbean in the summer of 2024.

The images taken on this adventure bring to mind carefree summer days spent outdoors, radiating a sense of warmth and independence. The multicultural tapestry that is contemporary British identity is highlighted by the enduring link to Britain, even though Jamaica is the backdrop.

The newest collection from Burberry expertly combines the brand’s storied past with cutting-edge styles. The iconic symbols of the brand, such the shield, ‘b’ buckles, and knight clip, are prominently shown on both clothing and accessories. A whimsical touch is added to the collection with floral motifs inspired by English gardens and embroidered summer fruits. Classic trench coats are reinterpreted in lightweight gabardine, radiating effortless elegance whether worn big or nipped at the waist.

Burberry guarantees a smooth blend of heritage and innovation by bringing back treasured classics like the Snip, Knight, and Shield and introducing new ones like the Horn and Swan bags.

In an interview, Burberry’s creative leader Daniel Lee discussed the inspiration behind the summer campaign’s Jamaican location, saying that it was meant to highlight the importance of many cultures in shaping modern British identity. Lee highlights the brand’s delight in modern British culture by reflecting on his own experiences as a child in Northern England and later loving London’s creative melting pot.

Cast members of the campaign reflect this diversity by hailing from many walks of life and adding their own vibrant personalities to the visuals. Both the film and the still photos, shot by Tyrone Lebon and directed by Daniel Lee, convey the spirit of Burberry’s summer story and encourage viewers to find their own voice.

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