Bluebell Group Finds 70% of Asian Luxury Consumers Prioritize Craftsmanship Over Brand and Design

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According to a new analysis by Bluebell Group, Asia’s leading brand distributor and operator, there is a noticeable shift in the luxury paradigm across the region, with customers placing more importance on products’ quality, reputation, and investment worth.

Bluebell Group Finds 70% of Asian Luxury Consumers

In the latest edition of their ‘Asia Lifestyle Consumer Profile’ report, which spans six markets (Mainland China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia, comprising Singapore and Malaysia), 70% of participants ranked workmanship as more important than brand or design.

Nonetheless, with Taiwan at 90%, China at 96%, and Southeast Asia at 91%, brand reputation is still a significant factor in determining luxury purchases. Asian premium brands are receiving more and more support, in particular. With a robust 85% support rate for Asian luxury brands, China is driving the trend, closely followed by Southeast Asia (83%).

Furthermore, there’s a growing trend toward thoughtful consumption: 74% of customers say they would want to consider the resale value of the products they buy.

Asian customers are becoming more discerning when it comes to service and want to be rewarded with exclusive benefits from businesses throughout their shopping trips. This is especially true in China (97%), Taiwan (92%), and Hong Kong (91%).

These results also highlight how crucial it is to customize service offerings both inside and outside of the business to cater to the varied demands and tastes of Asian customers. Customers actually stated that they would be prepared to pay more if brands could meet their expectations for quality and craftsmanship; the highest levels of acceptance were noted in China (88%) and Southeast Asia (78%).

Finally, different markets have different tastes when it comes to online purchasing. While some consumers choose multi-brand platforms for convenience, choice, and affordability, others prefer direct involvement through official brand websites.

In order to maintain control over their brand image and prevent potential harm to their reputation, brands are recommended to adhere to price uniformity across all channels.

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