Angelina Jolie joins Another Tomorrow as strategic advisor

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Another Tomorrow, the sustainable fashion brand founded by Vanessa Barboni Hallik in 2020, has made a significant announcement regarding its strategic direction by welcoming Angelina Jolie, renowned actor, director, humanitarian, and entrepreneur, to its Advisory Board.

As a strategic advisor, Jolie will leverage her expertise and influence to support Another Tomorrow’s mission of setting new standards for a more resilient and sustainable ecosystem within the apparel industry. Through knowledge sharing, resource allocation, and community building, she aims to contribute to the brand’s efforts in driving positive change and fostering innovation.

Expressing her motivation for joining Another Tomorrow’s Advisory Board, Jolie highlighted the brand’s commitment to challenging the status quo and pioneering a different approach to sustainability in the fashion industry. She commended Vanessa Barboni Hallik’s visionary leadership in addressing long-standing shortcomings and barriers, emphasizing the importance of partnering and working collaboratively to effect meaningful change.

Jolie’s alignment with Another Tomorrow’s values and mission stems from her belief in the transformative power of sustainable practices and ethical supply chains. She emphasized the beauty of creating elevated clothing that is aesthetically pleasing and ethically sourced and produced, reflecting a thoughtful and humane approach to fashion.

Another Tomorrow has gained recognition for its innovative sustainability initiatives, including implementing unique digital IDs to enhance supply chain transparency and authenticated e-commerce. The brand’s commitment to circularity is further underscored by its B Corp certification and initiatives like the Authenticated Resale program, which promotes a more sustainable and ethical fashion ecosystem.

Moreover, Another Tomorrow has been actively advocating for systemic change within the industry, supporting legislative measures, and lobbying for ethical practices in agriculture. With a global presence spanning over 50 countries and partnerships with leading retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman, Selfridges, and Net-A-Porter, the brand continues to amplify its impact and reach.

Vanessa Barboni Hallik emphasized the intricate value chain behind every garment and the brand’s dedication to redefining a responsible and resilient future for fashion. She praised Angelina Jolie’s deep humanitarian commitment and expansive vision as a source of inspiration, driving Another Tomorrow to expand the boundaries of possibility and operate with enhanced determination and collaboration.

With Jolie’s addition to the Advisory Board, Another Tomorrow is poised to embark on a transformative journey toward a more sustainable, ethical, and inclusive fashion industry, guided by a shared commitment to positive change and social responsibility.

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