Vegan brand Løci to launch Nicki Minaj sneakers, UppFirst to handle ordering

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Vegan brand Løci to launch Nicki Minaj sneakers: Nicki Minaj, a famous rapper and singer, is collaborating with vegan luxury fashion brand Løci to release her first shoe collection, which is scheduled to be unveiled on April 12, in a bold move that combines business collaboration with celebrity endorsement.

By highlighting her position as an owner and partner in the enterprise, Minaj made it clear on Instagram that her partnership with Løci goes beyond just sponsorship when she made the news. According to Forbes, there was a brief crash in website traffic caused by a phenomenal 3,500% rise after this announcement, indicating a tremendous surge in demand for Løci.

Løci has hired UppFirst, a platform for product ordering technology, to simplify the ordering procedure and avoid future website failures. With the support of Net-a-Porter co-founder Carmen Busquets, UppFirst will make it easy for buyers interested in the exclusive sneaker collaboration to sign up before the launch and purchase the sneakers. Once the collection is available for purchase, fans who have registered their interest through the platform will receive timely updates.

Minaj emphasised the collection’s combination of high-fashion elegant with street-cool characteristics when she described the collaboration, highlighting her vivid and daring style. While on tour with Pink Lady 2 in the US and Canada, Minaj teased 11 different sneaker designs that her fans can look forward to.

The website of Løci does not yet reflect Minaj’s ownership status, but it does identify Emmanuel Eribo, Mark Quaradeghini, Philippe Homsy, and Frank Eribo as co-founders, and famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio as an investor. Løci, a London-based company that started in 2021, makes eco-friendly shoes using bio leather and recycled plastic bottles.

The message from Løci conveyed her appreciation for Minaj’s collaboration and her recognition of her endorsement as a major step forward in their joint endeavour to defy norms and create substantial influence. With the support of a £4 million seed financing round in 2022 and contributions from Leonardo DiCaprio, Løci has achieved great sustainability progress, recycling more than 982,000 plastic bottles into high-quality, environmentally friendly shoes.

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