Shein decision on London share listing expected soon

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Shein decision on London share listing: Speculation is that Shein might announce its intention to offer its shares in London rather than New York as soon as next week.

With a possible listing, Shein’s market value might reach £71 billion, putting it in the top five of all London-listed stocks.

The London Stock Exchange would probably be pleased to hear that last month, Shein’s chairman, Donald Tang, met with UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt to discuss the potential of a London float.

Many well-known corporations have chosen to list in New York City rather than London in recent years, and the city’s prominence as a listing destination has declined as a result. But the city’s fashion industry has taken a hit, with delistings at Ted Baker and Seraphine and potential privatization talks at Superdry.

Shein reportedly sees less political risk in a float in the UK than in the US, where Chinese companies are coming under more and more scrutiny. Although it now has its headquarters in Singapore, Shein was actually founded twelve years ago in Nanjing, China.

Despite complaints about its impact on the environment and its suppliers’ treatment of employees, Shein has become a huge hit in Western markets. In spite of all of this, its fast-fashion items, which are priced competitively, have surpassed many of its European competitors, especially businesses in the UK like Boohoo.

But it’s still unclear if Shein will go through with a London float. There have been whispers that a decision is almost ready to be made, but Shein has remained mum on the matter.

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