Inditex summons unions on April 3 to negotiate new labor conditions

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Inditex summons unions: Following eight meetings in important Spanish towns, CCOO stated today that Inditex has invited unions to a bargaining table on April 3 to negotiate new work conditions.

On Friday, members of the trade union CCOO demanded “real progress” outside eight Zara stores in several Spanish towns, including Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga, Vigo, Seville, Bilbao, Vilcabamba, etc. Following Inditex’s record-breaking 2023 profits, they intend to launch nationwide talks to enhance working conditions for all brands and regions.

In just seven days from March 15th to 21st, Inditex’s workforce—representing roughly 51% of the total—was mobilized and represented by 500 delegates in these cities, with 13,843 signatures collected (according to CCOO sources).

Stores in central locations of Zara remained open and operational during the mobilizations.

Inditex was quick to respond after CCOO requested communication with the corporation. In addition, talks between the union and the Arte employers’ group, of which Inditex is a member, are looking into the prospect of a textile industry-wide accord.

Inditex and other companies in the textile industry are subject to a patchwork of provincial agreements that make it difficult to create nationwide contracts that include all Spanish workers.

A representative from the CCOO has stated that they are unconcerned with Inditex’s provincial agreements, pointing to the worldwide nature of the firm and its openness to negotiation as reasons for their stance.

With a profit of nearly 1.6 billion euros coming from Spain alone, Inditex’s 2023 earnings were 5.38 billion euros, a 30% rise from the previous year.

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