Inditex overhauls leadership of Zara Woman

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Inditex has recently announced a leadership transition within its Zara Woman division, with Lorena Rodríguez stepping into the role previously held by Ana Risueño. Risueño’s departure from the position she held for over a decade prompted the Galician giant to look inward for talent and promote Rodríguez to lead the division.

Zara Woman, constituting a significant segment of Inditex’s flagship brand alongside its Basic and Trafaluc lines, plays a pivotal role in the conglomerate’s operations. Oversight of the women’s division as a whole falls under the purview of Beatriz Padín, a seasoned executive with an extensive career at Inditex since 1985 and close ties to the Ortega family, according to reports from La Voz de Galicia newspaper.

While the exact reasons for Risueño’s departure remain undisclosed, it’s speculated to have been a personal decision on her part. In selecting Rodríguez for the position, Inditex has opted for internal promotion, a testament to its commitment to nurturing talent from within its ranks. Rodríguez, a shining example of this commitment, previously served in the Circular department, responsible for supplying products to all three divisions of Zara for women.

Inditex’s recent fiscal year results, unveiled weeks ago, underscore the company’s continued growth and success. With a net profit of €5.381 billion, marking a 30.3% increase from the previous year, and total revenue of €35.947 billion, reflecting a 10.4% growth, the Spanish retail giant continues to thrive in the global market.

In conjunction with Zara Home, Zara reported sales of €26.050 billion, reaffirming its position as the flagship brand within the Inditex portfolio in terms of business volume. As the company navigates leadership transitions and maintains its growth trajectory, Zara Woman, a strategic pillar of our brand identity, remains a cornerstone of its brand identity and strategic focus.

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