Hudson’s Bay presents ‘Little Black Dress’ exhibit in Vancouver

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Hudson’s Bay presents Little Black Dress: In a partnership between the illustrious Canadian retailer Hudson’s Bay and the BC Society for the Museum of Original Costume (SMOC), you may discover the classic beauty of the ‘Little Black Dress’ at their downtown Vancouver flagship store.

Ivan Sayers, honorary curator at SMOC and curator emeritus at the Museum of Vancouver, has painstakingly curated this exhibition, which will be open until March 14, to take viewers on an enthralling trip through the growth of this famous garment from the 1950s to the 1960s.

This exhibit showcases twelve stunning prêt-à-porter and couture designs from iconic designers such as Oscar De La Renta, Elizabeth Arden, Dior, The House of Worth, and many more, demonstrating the timeless charm of the Little Black Dress. Among the most valuable items in the collection is a dress that Oscar De La Renta autographed when shopping at the Vancouver Hudson’s Bay store in the ’90s.

From its humble beginnings as a daytime garment to its transformation into an evening gown decorated with lavish accessories, the Little Black Dress has a storied history in the world of design.

For giving the community the opportunity to explore its rich history and for offering a venue to honor this cultural landmark, Sayers was grateful to Hudson’s Bay Vancouver. In addition, he stressed that this partnership is a great chance to get the word out about the continuing campaigns to build a costume museum in Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, which will preserve and honor the cultural importance and artistic merit of clothing from all eras.

Visitors to the show on the second level of the Hudson’s Bay downtown Vancouver store will have the rare chance to experience firsthand how art, fashion, shopping, and history all come together.

The vice president and general manager of Hudson’s Bay’s downtown Vancouver store, Brahm Kornbluth, spoke highly of the collaboration with SMOC and the privilege of presenting this extraordinary exhibition to shoppers. He said that the show gave people a unique opportunity to see these extraordinary gowns up close and personal while also bringing together art, fashion, retail, and history.

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