Demi Lovato’s Ethereal 2024 Met Gala Gown Features Over 500 Hand-Cut Flowers

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Demi Lovato’s Ethereal 2024 Met Gala Gown: Stunningly, Demi Lovato returned to the Met Gala this evening for the first time since 2016. This year’s dress code, with its concept of “garden of time,” was meaningful to Lovato on a personal and fashion level. She interpreted it as a metaphor for change, renewal, and progress, all of which mirrored her own artistic path.

Photo: Angelo Kritikos

Lovato wore a strapless couture gown that was painstakingly hand-stitched by Prabal Gurung, a bespoke creation. Over 500 hand-cut mirrored mylar flowers with jeweled centers graced the white silk-lamé fabric of the gown, which was encrusted with sequins and glass crystals. Wearing identical opera gloves, Lovato portrayed a complicated artist whose work embodies a juxtaposition of vulnerability and strength.

Photo: Angelo Kritikos

The use of crisp, glittering embellishments in Gurung’s design was a tribute to the idea of keeping something classic. The gown was a representation of strength and perseverance, made with sturdy components rather than fragile ones. Lovato felt a connection to the garment’s ambivalence and spoke about how it reflected her own multi-faceted nature.

Photo: Angelo Kritikos

Lovato had a clear intention when she chose Gurung as her designer; she appreciated Gurung’s storytelling abilities in the fashion industry. She counted herself lucky to have found a collaborator who saw the potential of clothing as a medium for narrative. As for Gurung, he wanted Lovato to return to the Met Gala in a fashion fantasy that radiated confidence and force. The end product was an exquisite gown that embodied Lovato’s strength, empowerment, and the spirit of her journey.

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