Brunello Cucinelli Acquires Sartoria Eugubina Couture Workshop and Plans New Factory Construction

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Brunello Cucinelli Acquires Sartoria Eugubina Couture By enhancing its production capacity, Brunello Cucinelli is honouring Italy’s cherished textile legacy. The upscale Italian brand has purchased Sartoria Eugubina, a prestigious couture business located in Gubbio, Umbria, that is well-known for its exquisite tailoring and made-to-order clothing. Sartoria Eugubina has supplied prestigious fashion businesses like Dior, Ralph Lauren, and Ferragamo in the past, however the acquisition’s financial terms are unknown.

 Brunello Cucinelli Acquires Sartoria Eugubina Couture

Using current production facilities close to company headquarters in Solomeo, Umbria, near Perugia, Brunello Cucinelli is increasing the amount of goods it can produce. A new facility in Penne, further south in the Abruzzo area, started construction in May 2023. The plant, which occupies 4,500 square metres, is expected to be operational by 2025 and create jobs for about 350 people. In addition to obtaining Sartoria Eugubina in Gubbio, which is located 60 kilometres from Solomeo, Brunello Cucinelli has disclosed intentions to open a second production plant in the city.

The new production complex in Gubbio, which the firm has dubbed “la bella fabbrica” (the beautiful factory), will provide an amazing perspective of the mediaeval fortress and an atmosphere that is ideal for creativity and craftsmanship. The statement released by the corporation does not provide any additional information about the facility.

Sartoria Eugubina, which was established in 2015 by a group of talented seamstresses who had all been fired after seven years of employment in a textile mill, is a story of resiliency and rebirth. The textile industry manager who became a stakeholder, along with collective investment and support from local institutions, have allowed the workshop to thrive. Its employment has doubled to 70 highly skilled individuals, and its revenue has increased significantly. The founders have ensured the continuation of artisanal traditions by passing on their knowledge of Italian tailoring processes to subsequent generations.

The executive chairman and founder of Sartoria Eugubina, Brunello Cucinelli, expressed his enthusiasm for the company’s rich history of genuine craftsmanship. He praised the admirable work of people who have continued this tradition and expressed happiness over the acquisition, which provides the brand with genuinely outstanding human resources.

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