Born Living Yoga accelerates international expansion and plans to reach €25 million in revenue

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Born Living Yoga accelerates:  This year, Born Living Yoga plans to reach new heights, targeting a revenue of €25 million. With sales of €18 million at year’s end, the Spanish athleisure and activewear brand had a banner year in 2023. An important step forward in its distribution strategy was the opening of its first flagship store and first in-store corners. The future of its growth trajectory is heavily dependent on foreign markets.


In 2023, Born Living Yoga co-founders Alvaro Roca and Arianne Puig implemented strategic changes. These changes included a shift in mid-year goal-setting, focusing on a brand-protection approach that reduced the frequency of discounts and increased wholesale efforts. This strategic shift led to an 11% increase in average e-commerce ticket sales, demonstrating the success of the new approach.



In 2023, Born Living Yoga made significant strides in retail. The brand launched its flagship store in Barcelona and secured locations in prestigious shopping malls such as El Corte Inglés. Additionally, it joined the brand new WOW center in Madrid, a strategic move that accelerated its retail expansion plans. Despite these initiatives being initially scheduled for 2024, the founders seized the opportunity to expedite their retail expansion.


In 2024, Born Living Yoga aims to increase its physical presence with the goal of having 10 to 12 retail locations by year’s end. The brand is currently in negotiations with El Corte Inglés to expand its corners, and it is also considering the possibility of building additional independent stores. Already with a presence at the Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Born Living Yoga will launch its first exclusive store in Mexico this summer in partnership with El Palacio de Hierro, further expanding its global footprint.


The expansion of the brand’s reach continues in the UK, where it will be sold in six John Lewis locations beginning with the 2024–2025 winter season. Italy is still on the agenda for 2025 as the target year for international expansion, along with plans to launch a flagship store in Paris the same year.


Born Living Yoga’s commitment to brand protection is evident in its strategic actions. The brand has formed collaborations with national sports teams and sponsored cycling groups, showcasing its adaptability and popularity beyond the realm of conventional sportswear. These collaborations have not only enhanced the brand’s image but also expanded its reach to a wider audience.


Based out of Spain, Born Living Yoga has been around since 2017 and employs forty people. The development of a “worldwide” edition of its online store is one of its planned initiatives, showcasing its dedication to expanding globally and making itself accessible.

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