Balenciaga: Gathering of Friends and Family in Latest Campaign

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Friends and Family in Latest Campaign: A moving reunion of loved ones is at the heart of the newest Balenciaga ad campaign, which mirrors designer Demna’s own life and the many personalities that make up his neighborhood.

Featuring a cast of people close to Demna, including his mother Ella, husband BFRND, and former professor Linda Loppa, the ad was shot by the renowned Czech-born, German-based photographer Jitka Hanzlová. Hanzlová is known for both her still and moving portraiture. The boundary between the three-dimensional people and the two-dimensional space they occupy is blurred as they are photographed against a backdrop decorated with images of vast house interiors.

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Eliza Douglas, an actor, and friends of the House Krish Ghai are among the talented individuals featured in the campaign, which also features models who have previously appeared on the Balenciaga runway. Renata Litvinova and the House are also represented. The collection’s dynamic ready-to-wear items, flowing tailoring, and trompe l’oeil accessories provide depth to the visual narrative, juxtaposed with the architectural flatness.

The campaign, according to the Parisian house of Balenciaga, is an investigation of luxury and perspective; the videos that go along with it show how the magnificent backdrops are used to create illusions. By highlighting the diverse personalities and connections within Demna’s inner circle, the images and video series seek to question traditional ideas of luxury.

This campaign comes just after Demna’s most recent runway show, which was a cyberpunk masterpiece that wowed onlookers with its enormous, nomadic style. Immersive video projections, ranging from tranquil Alpine vistas to strange TikTok-inspired imagery, furthered Balenciaga’s inventive approach to storytelling and design throughout the show, which took place in a big tent in front of Napoleon’s Tomb.

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