Etro RTW Spring 2024

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Etro is a brand known for its vibrant colors and shapes, but in today’s climate, fashion statements are being kept to a minimum. Marco de Vincenzo, the creator at Etro, found inspiration in an old book of vices and virtues from the 17th century. He drew parallels between the symbolic images and modern day communication methods such as TikTok, memes, and GIFs. This instinctual approach was reflected in the collection, which featured words like “Temperance,” “Tenacity,” “Eternity,” and “Lust” jacquarded into panels on the back or front of the wide, boxy, short-sleeved bowling shirts.

Rigidity of structure was also banned from the collection, with oversized blazers with softly protruding shoulders being worn with wide, comfortable pajama pants or shorts. Long robe-dusters referenced Etro’s bohemian and eccentric style, but their tapestry-inspired printed designs were scaled down in size and color to give them a sense of cool domesticity. A shirt and shorts set with the same geometric patterns beaded in different shades of green was one of the most beautiful pieces in the collection.

A group of multicolored fuzzy jumpers that looked like textured Anatolian Filiki rugs added some color, while the ending featured a burst of energy with fringed capes and coats made from thick vintage blankets woven with abstract floral patterns. These pieces will definitely steal the show.
Known for their iconic prints and vibrant colors, Etro is an Italian label beloved by fashion give-it-all-you’ve-got enthusiasts all around the world.

First established in 1968 as a fabric shop in Milan, Etro has since gained a reputation for sophisticated designs and highend luxury for a global bohemian jet-set.

This season, Etro is focusing on the use of color blocking in its pieces, creating electrically dynamic silhouettes that are guaranteed to give any outfit a fresh, modern twist. Color blocking has traditionally been used in fashion as a way to playfully break rules and have fun with style – a theme that is echoed in the Etro designs.

For example, the Etro SS19 collection combines classic shades of navy blue, black, and white with vibrant pop-inspired colors and energetic patterns. From bold floral prints with a classic twist to a fully patterned suit, it’s easy to bring a much-needed dose of personality to any look.

The signature paisley pattern is also a highlight of the SS19 collection, making an appearance in vibrant shades of gold and green, as well as in muted powder blues. It appears on a range of items, from dresses to accessories, adding Etro’s signature bohemian flair to any look.

Ultimately, the Etro SS19 collection is a celebration of color, pattern, and texture all in one – offering an approachable way to try out trends and inject a bit of fun into your summer wardrobe. For those who are willing to take risks in fashion, Etro is the perfect choice.

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