ERL RTW Spring 2024

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ERL IRL’s first show was a unique blend of the past and the future. Set in the year 2176, the show was held in the courtyard of Palazzo Corsini and featured an appearance by Dior Men Resort from the previous year. Eli Russell Linnetz created the collection to tell a story of his own making that fit perfectly at Pitti. The story was of a group of real-life surfers from Linnetz’s real-life neighborhood of Venice Beach who had come to ride the waves that are breaking in Tuscany due to global warming. They crashed the ambassador’s party and brought gifts from their side of the swollen ocean as well as things they had stolen from places closer to there.

The show was heavily influenced by the past, with Uncle Sam-meets-Slash top hats, tailored ’70s topcoats and shirts worn over star-spangled “wetsuits,” and the thwup-thwup of Huey rotors and Jim Morrison saying “The End” on the music. Linnetz also included a newspaper from 2176 with a service to help people with the draft. Backstage, in collaboration with the artist Oliver Herring, there was a beautiful quilt made of clear plastic tape. Accessories included oversized versions of Etnies, Emerica, and Globe’s puffy skate shoes from the early 1990s, as well as glasses with rubber frames that looked more like goggles than shades. The collage chains that Tom Binns made could have been worn with almost any outfit.

ERL’s first real-world collection was a hyper-unreal blend of American male identities, hang-ups, and fragile wearable projections of power. Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer” blasted from the sub-woofers and surfers walked by, making it a fun and enjoyable show.
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