Elle and Dakota Fanning Have Two Very Different Takes on Sexy Spring Style

Growing up in the limelight, Elle and Dakota Fanning have demonstrated how two sisters with similar genes could have different takes on style. Now that spring is upon us, the two are continuing to show how they put their own unique spin on sexy spring style. Let’s explore the sisters’ latest fashion statements and see how they put their individual stamps on the season.

1. Elle and Dakota Fanning: Sisters with Contrasting Spring Style

The Fanning sisters, Elle and Dakota, look as identical as any two human beings possibly can, but their style is refreshingly different. The girls have just been spotted out and about during the spring, carrying with them two very different visions.

Elle, the elder of the two, put forth a vintage-inspired look that was both chic and classic. She wore a darling floral minidress with a bell sleeve and patent leather ankle boots, and accessorized with a shamrock-green clutch. Her hair was done in smooth wave, with a simple headband to complete the look. Dakota, on the other hand, gave a straight-up boho feel with her outfit. She wore a cream-colored crochet blouse with frayed denim and flat sandals. Her look was accessorized with a jaunty brown hat, which gave the ensemble just the perfect amount of quirk.

  • Elle: floral mini dress and patent leather ankle boots
  • Dakota: cream-colored crochet blouse and frayed denim

2. Siblings in Sync: Where Sisterly Preference Meets Fashion

Shopping Together

Nothing beats the bond between siblings, and when paired with a shared taste in fashion: it’s a match made in style! Going shopping with a sibling means double the fun – it’s an opportunity to explore and discover new looks, or even just banter and bicker in the aisle. With an understanding of one another’s personal style preferences, siblings can easily pick out the perfect ensemble for themselves or each other!


Is there anything sweeter than matching with your sister? Whether it’s out of a love for coordinating looks or for the nostalgia of memories past, picking out an outfit for each other is one of the best ways to stay connected. Depending on each sibling’s interests, the process can be as involved as custom-designing a look to match or as simple as raiding their closest for the perfect clothes. Ultimately, the key to the perfect sisterly style is finding a balance that works for both!

3. The Many Facets of Spring Style: A Divergent Twin Tale

One On One

The arrival of the warming season ushers in a new style renaissance. From fresh fashion expeditions to highlighting perennially stylish choices, it’s time to bask in the glow of springtime style. But not all trends adhere to traditional rules — some non-conformists have a divergent tale to tell when it comes to fashion.

High on the list of statement-making pieces is the power of unconventional prints. Put your signature touch on the look of the season with florals, polka dots, tie-dye and stripes in bold colors, designed to make a lasting impression. Accompany these expressive patterned numbers with a full range of vibrant accessories.

A Brotherly Boulevard

Express your new perspectives in suave streetwear. This branch of style beckons for effortless layered looks, suited for adventurous journey down the casual path. Remember to bring along:

  • Denim jackets
  • Sneakers in colors of your choosing
  • Baggy cargo shorts

Finishing touches await in the form of graphic tees, contrasted hoodies, fashion hats and sleek sunglasses. All in support of braving the bright spring sunshine. So take the streets in stride and stand out in dapper confidence as an unrelenting fashion renegade.

4. Wardrobe Wonders: Exploring The Fanning Sisters’ Diverse Spring Fling

The Fanning sisters, Elle and Dakota, have an eclectic wardrobe filled with a variety of looks that they often bring to their Spring Fling events. From classic and elegant styles to bold, modern pieces, their choices seamlessly exude trend-setting sophistication. Here’s a look at some of the Fanning siblings’ best inspirational wardrobe wonders.

    1. Tailored Trends

  • Elle often wears tailored skirts paired with tank tops for a modern silhouette.
  • Dakota loves to show off her unique, classic style with embellished jackets that add eye-catching flair to her look.
    2. An Eye for Patterns

  • Elle often turns to eye-catching prints for a visually-appealing look.
  • Dakota often plays with monochromatic palettes and bold pattern blocking.

By keeping their individual style alive, Elle and Dakota Fanning are sure to command the attention of fashion-watchers this spring. A pair of rising stars in their own right, the two Fanning sisters exemplify that no two looks are the same, and that we can all find our own definition of sexy in our style.

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