Dior Men’s Pre-Fall 2024 Fashions Eclectic Formalwear

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Jackie Nickerson shot the vibrant blue lookbook that Dior Men’s has chosen to unveil its upcoming collection, following the “indefinitely” postponement of the show at Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Cruise Terminal for Pre-Fall 2024.


Run by Kim Jones, the label gives a lighthearted spin on business attire. Geometric cutouts allow overcoats to breathe, while brilliant blue leather adorns coats with lapels. Two zippers give grey long-sleeves a lot of versatility, while collared shirts let you show off a little more skin by swapping out buttons for loose bowties. Conversely, knit sweaters include both the Dior Oblique monogram and wavy check patterns, while saddle bags that were formerly subdued become clutches with minimal marking.

Jones gives his Dior Man’s clothing a laid-back vibe while yet following more refined dress requirements. Baggy dress pants and “Christian Dior” hats provide a stable base for structured jackets, while fitted shorts with subtle organza trim that falls below the knee add to the joy. Accessorizing with colorful lace-up shoes inspired by football shapes and practical handbags, Jones’ eclectic style is elevated by pairings like tuxedo pants with hole-punched knitwear. Here, Dior’s current male identity is formed by the designer’s skillful blending of refined and more playful style cliches.

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