Dior Men RTW Spring 2024

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Kim Jones‘s name is already part of the history of Christian Dior and other places. Five years ago, he moved here and pushed for Virgil Abloh to take over his old job, changing the way the fashion world works for good. His creativity to include everyone made a model for luxury that is now everywhere.

For this anniversary collection, Jones used his desire to mix styles to pay homage to three famous Dior designers who came before him. He talked about Yves Saint Laurent, Gianfranco Ferré, and Marc Bohan, putting together ideas from their times with his own. Christian Dior’s cannage was the design that held them all together. It was based on the woven rattan chairs that guests sat in at his first salon show in 1947.

Today, the show started off with a big bang. The wide catwalk was made of shiny gray metal tiles and the models were brought up from under the runway in a three-wide, 17-long grid of looks. Jones’s creative skills are not in question. He put polished gems (cabochons) on cardigans that were draped over the straight-legged, high-hemmed, high-skirted suits in the collection. He then put more jewels on piqué polo shirts. The buckles on tweed shoes were made to look like a bottle of Lady Dior perfume. Shoulder robes made of marled jacquard cannage knits in bright colors were worn over more of the clothing. Some semi-Safari-style coats had a bow at the chest pocket. Long, double-breasted, notch-collared tweed coats with muesli bits in the shape of a faded rattan looked like bonded dresses worn from the shoulder.

The leopard print that Dior got from Mitzah Bricard was used on Saddle bags and coats. They were worn with sports shorts made of tweed, which were later worn with tweed and piqué twinsets. Fluorescent green and orange added a trippy touch, which was emphasized by that legendary Weatherall soundtrack: Jones was the center of this Dior kaleidoscope. Or, as he put it, “It’s a collage of different designers from the archive, expressed in shape, color, form, and mood.”
The House of Dior has just launched “Dior Men”, a prestigious and revolutionary men’s fashion line. For decades, Dior has been known as the preeminent leader in high fashion and style. Now, the iconic brand is banking on its reputation for excellence with this new collection of contemporary, high-end men’s fashion.

The line is built on the idea of modernizing traditional haute couture. The iconic, signature Dior details—clean lines, tailored tailoring, and ornate detailing—are all visible elements that make up the collection. With a wide range of offerings, there is something for every man: from the classic, timeless styles to the more daring, fashion-forward looks.

The Dior Men line is characterized by a focus on craftsmanship and quality. Every piece in the collection is created with precision and attention to detail and is made with the highest-quality fabrics and materials. The collection is designed to provide a lasting wardrobe that can take the wearer from day to night without missing a beat.

The line also features a range of smart-casual pieces that blend modern style with the timeless elegance of traditional haute couture. The collection also includes a range of accessories that are perfect for adding a bit of flair to any look. From shoulder bags to wallets, the Dior Men accessories collection has been carefully curated to ensure perfect timing and style.

With the launch of Dior Men, the legendary brand is taking a bold step forward into the world of men’s high fashion. Setting the standard for modern tailoring and elegance, Dior Men is sure to make its mark on the fashion landscape.

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