Savile Row gears up for latest Concours event this month

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Savile Row gears up for latest Concours: On May 22nd and 23, the highly anticipated Concours on Savile Row will return for its third year running, enthralling the inhabitants of Mayfair. This event will showcase the artisanal mastery of both the tailoring and automobile sectors in a way that has never been seen before, seamlessly combining the two realms to create an unforgettable experience.

Elegance in Tailoring and Exquisite Automobile Glamor

Get ready to be captivated as Savile Row becomes a grand runway, complete with a red carpet that displays a variety of unique and rare cars. The impressive roster of collaborations for this year’s event deftly blends the worlds of automobile engineering and tailoring.

Noteworthy partnerships include Cad & The Dandy’s with Touring Superleggera, Cremieux’s with Alpine, and Dege & Skinner’s with Morgan. Gieves & Hawkes is pleased to announce its collaboration with Everrati, while Edward Sexton is teamed up with Callum Design. Holland & Sherry unveils its partnership with Austin Pedal Cars, while Henry Poole & Co highlights its cooperation with Mercedes-Benz. Formula E is where JP Hackett leaves an impression, Audi is where Richard James really shines, and Jensen International Automotive is where Scabal really stands. Not only that, but as the event gets closer, organizers are dropping hints about even more intriguing partnerships that will be revealed.

Exquisite Exhibitions and Engaging Experiences

In addition to the breathtaking displays of luxury automobiles and exquisite clothing, Concours on Savile Row provides a wealth of educational opportunities. Free panel discussions and events will be held at the Royal Academy of Arts and at prominent Savile Row tailoring houses for those who attend.

Discover the art of custom tailoring firsthand as you gain entry to world-class tailoring studios where master craftspeople work with dedication and care. Immerse yourself in the rich history of British tailoring as you interact with unique tailors and learn about the careful craftsmanship that goes into each bespoke garment.

Additionally, be enchanted by one-of-a-kind exhibits and group shows. The private suit collection of Charlie Watts, the late Rolling Stones drummer, is on display in an enthralling exhibition put together by Huntsman and Hagerty. Witness Huntsman’s flawless tailoring in contrast with the classic beauty of a 1937 Lagonda LG45 Rapide, and listen to thought-provoking panel discussions that explore how music, fashion, and cars intersect.

The PPE101, a Jaguar XK120, and its custom racing suit are unveiled by Norton & Sons in preparation for the illustrious Mille Miglia 2024. Watch in awe as Norton & Sons demonstrates their expertise in both the automotive legacy and modern craftsmanship.

An Honouring of the Finest British Tailoring

Jenny Casebourne, Head of Portfolio at the exclusive East Mayfair real estate firm The Pollen Estate, is really excited about the event and thinks it’s great that it celebrates British tailoring on a worldwide scale. She stresses the chance for guests to enter the sacred spaces of the famous tailoring houses on Savile Row and develop relationships with the craftspeople who make the clothes. She claims that Concours on Savile Row is more than just another event in London; it is a celebration of the rich history of British tailoring and a magnet for people all over the globe who appreciate the perfect fusion of tradition, modernity, and opulence that it offers.

Finally, Concours on Savile Row is proof that two separate but complimentary realms may come together in perfect harmony: the world of custom tailoring and the world of high-end automobiles. Go on an adventure where you’ll learn a new story with each stitch and where the engines are revved up to the point of obsession. At this esteemed occasion, where opulence has no limits, we invite you to join us in honoring the everlasting charm of Savile Row and the persisting spirit of automotive innovation.

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