Neiman Marcus launches exclusive Loewe collection

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Neiman Marcus launches: Loewe and Neiman Marcus have collaborated to honor Jonathan Anderson with a unique collection and interactive installations.

This partnership is a celebration of Anderson’s remarkable time at Loewe and an acknowledgment of his achievement as the 2023 Neiman Marcus Awardee for Creative Impact in the Fashion Industry.

The nineteen ready-to-wear items in the collection are based on timeless styles from Loewe’s history. Every piece, from leather pants to belted suede trench coats and the trademark Anagram baggy jeans, is voguishly volume-accentuated and effortlessly chic.

“The inspiration for this collection came from the Neiman Marcus Award, which was a way to honor my tenure at Loewe,” Anderson explained. It’s a mashup of many eras and textures from my runway shows, where I revisit classic items from my archives and give them a modern spin.

According to him, “The capsule collection embodies the concept of individual characters, united by a common thread, reflecting Loewe’s multifaceted identity as a brand.”

As part of the collection debut, immersive installations will be on display in some Neiman Marcus locations, such as NorthPark Dallas and Beverly Hills. These installations will provide the ideal setting to showcase the selection of products. Online and at Neiman Marcus locations in San Francisco, Michigan Avenue, and Coral Gables are other places you may get the collection.

An expert in the field, Lana Todorovich, made the following statement: “Jonathan Anderson’s dedication to craftsmanship and narrative shines through in his exceptional creations, positioning Loewe as a culturally significant and thought-provoking brand.”

“This collection highlights his dedication to pushing boundaries and referencing the brand’s heritage while projecting a bold vision for the future,” she concluded. It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of our ‘Retail-tainment’ strategy, which will see the launch of this collection across our integrated retail model.

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