Naf Naf: Court cancels redundancy plan

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Naf Naf Court cancels: The court on Tuesday canceled the redundancy plan of French fashion shop Naf Naf, which had been implemented in October 2023 and affected over 100 jobs. The reason given was that the relevant regional body, DRIEETS, did not have enough oversight, as stated in a verdict whose copy was obtained by the AFP agency.


In September 2023, Naf Naf initiated the receivership process. According to the decision made by the administrative court in Montreuil in October, the company informed the union representatives that it was laying off 26 people in fixed-term and work-study roles, eliminating 88 people from open-ended contract jobs, and making changes to 47 more employment contracts.

Following that, the responsibility for conducting various checks fell on the Ile-de-France Regional and Interdepartmental Directorate for the Economy, Employment, Labour and Solidarity (DRIEETS). One of these checks was “confirming that the criteria adopted with respect to the redundancies were in conformity with applicable legal and contractual provisions.” T

And it was stated that “the job categories involved included all the employees who were performing, within the company, functions of the same nature that required common professional training.”

It is not clear from the approval decision, other documents, or even the administrative defense materials that DRIEETS had conducted these checks, the court said.

South Commerces et Services union spokesperson Sarah Pichout expressed her joy to AFP, saying, “we are happy because [this ruling] will allow employees to challenge their dismissal with the labour tribunal,” and to seek more compensation after being sacked with “the bare minimum.”

The CFDT union reports that there are 621 people working for Naf Naf in France at the moment, with 112 stores controlled by the company and 60 stores linked with it.

The corporation has a lot of debt, mostly from unpaid rent during the pandemic. It started laying off workers and shuttering locations after being placed in judicial receivership in September 2023.

As reported by CFDT in June 2023, 37 positions were eliminated at Naf Naf.

More than a hundred jobs were threatened when CFDT revealed in October 2023 that Naf Naf was preparing to shut 17 locations as a component of a new redundancy strategy.

The Pariente brothers, Gérard and Patrick, started Naf Naf in 1973; by May of 2020, the company had already been placed in receivership.


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